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Sea Turtle

Generations of Wildlife are in Jeopardy Due to Climate Change

When we think of climate change, changing weather patterns and greenhouse gas emissions come to mind. Environmentalists are among the many advocates who have warned of the dangers of climate change and who have suggestions for addressing the...
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Paid Internships Sign

Can Low or Unpaid Internships Seek Back Pay?

We’ve all heard about how internships can be helpful for students to gain professional experience and maybe even gain a full-time job after the internship is over. However, not all internships have provided interns with the professional...
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Cyclist Riding on the Road

AAA Expands Roadside Assistance for Cyclists

In the earlier days of bicycling, if a cyclist got a flat tire calling AAA definitely wasn’t the first thing that came to mind. However, thanks to the growth of bicyclists around the country, more organizations are offering roadside assistance...
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Female Homeowner

IDA Accounts Helping Victims of Domestic Violence

For many years, domestic violence has been an issue among many females. Whether it’s physical or emotional abuse, the scars of domestic violence aren’t easily healed even after the relationship is over. What’s more is that oftentimes women feel...
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Pregnant Woman

Thinking Twice About C-Sections

Cesarean sections can save the mother and child from life-threatening complications at the time of labor. However, recent studies pose concerns regarding the increasing use of the procedure. Consumer Reports recently investigated 1,500 hospitals...
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Senior Business Owner

Seniors Increasingly Becoming Successful Business Owners

Starting a new business can be pretty scary, especially if you’ve already built your brand in a totally different career field. For a lot of seniors, the standard 9 to 5 job isn’t as appealing as it once was. In fact, an AARP survey finds that...
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Motorcycle Rider

Risks of Motorcycle Deaths Continue Despite Recent Study

In some countries, it is a lot more common to ride a motorcycle than a car. You can get to a destination quicker, dodge traffic, and even save on gas. In the United States, California dominates with over 800,000 registered motorcycles as of...
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Caduceus Symbol and Identity Theft

Survey Reveals Increase in Medical Identity Theft

We’ve all heard about identity theft and the negative effects it can have on consumers if they are held responsible for transactions made by identity thieves. Consumers are often told to take extra measures to protect their credit cards or bank...
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Health Monitor

Seminar Answers Questions on Consumer Generated Health Data

As online and offline technologies expand so do our resources. Filled with a wealth of information, new and emerging technologies have affected the ways consumers seek out different types of information. One recent trend is consumer generated...
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Cell Phones

Will the U.S. Supreme Court Allow Warrantless Cell Phone Searches?

The Fourth Amendment, also known as the Search and Seizure Amendment, has been a part of the nation’s Bill Of Rights since the late 1700s. It prevents unreasonable searches and seizures by requiring law enforcement to obtain warrants whenever...
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Student Loan Application

Can a Co-Signer Cause a Default on Your Private Student Loan?

When signing up for a private student loan, you would not expect that a co-signer could hurt or jeopardize your credit. Since private student loans tend to have higher interest rates, oftentimes student borrowers get a co-signer in order to...
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Solar Panels and Windmills

Legislation Aims to Freeze Ohio Energy Efficiency Standards

As climate change and other environmental issues gain more momentum, it is clear that renewable energy sources (RES) are needed to help protect the environment and the health of others. As energy consumers and greenhouse gas emitters, using...
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Open Internet Sign

Consumers Get a Second Chance to Defend Net Neutrality

Open internet advocates see net neutrality as an important component of a free and accessible internet. They assert that a regulated internet would destroy its very purpose, which is to provide a space where ideas and information can circulate...
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Caduceus Symbol (Medical Symbol)

FDA Approval of First HPV Test for Cervical Cancer Screening in Question

Earlier last week you may have heard health advocates advise against a new DNA test, manufactured by Roche, which detects the human papillomavirus. But that’s not why groups have advised against the test. The genetic HPV test has actually been...
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Row of Houses

Why Housing Reform Needs to Include Affordable Credit for Minorities

Right now, there are several legislative proposals in Washington aimed at revamping the mortgage market. Of note, Senators Tim Johnson (D-S.D.) and Mike Crapo (R-ID) recently presented a housing finance reform bill that aims to eliminate the...
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