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Can Low or Unpaid Internships Seek Back Pay?

We’ve all heard about how internships can be helpful for students to gain professional experience and maybe even gain a full-time job after the internship is over. However, not all internships have provided interns with the professional knowledge and skills necessary to...
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Should Utility Companies Disclose Their Earnings?

Sponsored by Senator Dan Brown (R-MO), the Utility Transparency and Fairness Act aims to force Missouri’s investor-owned utility companies to disclose their earnings to the public. “State utility commissions set the allowable profit that these utility companies are allowed...
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New Bill To Require More Information Regarding Student Loans

One of the hardest things students face today is being able to afford higher education. While there are scholarships and grant programs college students can apply for, tuition and other costs more often than not outweigh the amount of free financial assistance. The Chronicle of...
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New Bill Aims to Protect Californians From Data Breaches

Since the major data breach hit Target customers in mid-December 2013, there have been a lot of talks about whether or not retail companies are protecting consumer information in the best way. About 40 million individuals’ credit or debit card account information may have...
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New Bill Helps Protect Data Of Car Owners

Picture this, you’re on the freeway and stuck in traffic, as usual. The cars in the lane next to you speed up and you think about moving over to the lane behind a black SUV, but your car’s computer system lets you know the driver has a habit of slamming on his breaks. You forgo...
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