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Can Low or Unpaid Internships Seek Back Pay?

We’ve all heard about how internships can be helpful for students to gain professional experience and maybe even gain a full-time job after the internship is over. However, not all internships have provided interns with the professional knowledge and skills necessary to...
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Cell Phones

Will the U.S. Supreme Court Allow Warrantless Cell Phone Searches?

The Fourth Amendment, also known as the Search and Seizure Amendment, has been a part of the nation’s Bill Of Rights since the late 1700s. It prevents unreasonable searches and seizures by requiring law enforcement to obtain warrants whenever they believe they have probable cause...
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New Bill Aims to Protect Californians From Data Breaches

Since the major data breach hit Target customers in mid-December 2013, there have been a lot of talks about whether or not retail companies are protecting consumer information in the best way. About 40 million individuals’ credit or debit card account information may have...
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Forced Arbitration Increasingly Affecting Small Businesses and Employees

You may have heard of the current suit the Raiderette cheerleaders have filed against the Raiders due to low and withheld payments. However, thanks to forced arbitration, the cheerleaders might have to dispute the suit with none other than the commissioner of the National...
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Mandatory Minimums Are Costly to U.S. Taxpayers

It’s no secret that American jails and prisons are facing overcrowding problems. Over the last 30 years, the number of the incarcerated has shot up to over 2 million, over which half are convicted for drug crimes. Nearly 60 percent of federal drug offenders are sentenced under...
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