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Can Low or Unpaid Internships Seek Back Pay?

We’ve all heard about how internships can be helpful for students to gain professional experience and maybe even gain a full-time job after the internship is over. However, not all internships have provided interns with the professional knowledge and skills necessary to...
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Senior Business Owner

Seniors Increasingly Becoming Successful Business Owners

Starting a new business can be pretty scary, especially if you’ve already built your brand in a totally different career field. For a lot of seniors, the standard 9 to 5 job isn’t as appealing as it once was. In fact, an AARP survey finds that 15 percent of workers between the...
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Sick Employee

The Inequalities Behind Access to Paid Leave

Though it might seem like common sense to provide every employee with paid time off for emergency situations, paid leave is not as common as one might think. According to new research, paid leave is even less likely for low-wage, Hispanic and part-time workers. Due to these...
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Reviewing Employment Want Ads

Women’s Unemployment Increases In Spite of Job Gains

Over the years, there have been many successes for women in the workplace, particularly for younger women. Data shows that younger women are starting their careers better educated than males, are earning more money than their mothers and grandmothers did, and have entered the...
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Forced Arbitration Increasingly Affecting Small Businesses and Employees

You may have heard of the current suit the Raiderette cheerleaders have filed against the Raiders due to low and withheld payments. However, thanks to forced arbitration, the cheerleaders might have to dispute the suit with none other than the commissioner of the National...
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Union Protesters

Why Unions Are Key To Raising Wages

Though the unemployment rate has decreased in over 40 states since the recession, a recent article in the Institute For Policy finds that the amount of Wall Street bonuses handed out to employees last year would be enough to double wages for all Americans working full-time at the...
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