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Cyclist Riding on the Road

AAA Expands Roadside Assistance for Cyclists

In the earlier days of bicycling, if a cyclist got a flat tire calling AAA definitely wasn’t the first thing that came to mind. However, thanks to the growth of bicyclists around the country, more organizations are offering roadside assistance to bicycle riders. Earlier this...
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Motorcycle Rider

Risks of Motorcycle Deaths Continue Despite Recent Study

In some countries, it is a lot more common to ride a motorcycle than a car. You can get to a destination quicker, dodge traffic, and even save on gas. In the United States, California dominates with over 800,000 registered motorcycles as of 2013, and states like Florida, Texas...
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Auto Rear View Camera Display

New Ruling Will Require Rear-View Technology On All Cars By May 2018

We’ve all experienced car accidents one way or another. From harmless fender benders to life-threatening collisions, we’ve all been there or know someone who has. Backover accidents in particular have not only caused damage to vehicles, but have also resulted in the...
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New Bill Helps Protect Data Of Car Owners

Picture this, you’re on the freeway and stuck in traffic, as usual. The cars in the lane next to you speed up and you think about moving over to the lane behind a black SUV, but your car’s computer system lets you know the driver has a habit of slamming on his breaks. You forgo...
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