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Consumers Get a Second Chance to Defend Net Neutrality

Open internet advocates see net neutrality as an important component of a free and accessible internet. They assert that a regulated internet would destroy its very purpose, which is to provide a space where ideas and information can circulate freely. However, a pending decision...
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Caduceus Symbol (Medical Symbol)

FDA Approval of First HPV Test for Cervical Cancer Screening in Question

Earlier last week you may have heard health advocates advise against a new DNA test, manufactured by Roche, which detects the human papillomavirus. But that’s not why groups have advised against the test. The genetic HPV test has actually been available for a few years now, but...
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Row of Houses

Why Housing Reform Needs to Include Affordable Credit for Minorities

Right now, there are several legislative proposals in Washington aimed at revamping the mortgage market. Of note, Senators Tim Johnson (D-S.D.) and Mike Crapo (R-ID) recently presented a housing finance reform bill that aims to eliminate the GSEs, Fannie Mae, and Freddie Mac, and...
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Hardin Hyundai Sued for Alleged Fraud

On April 11, 2014 the Vachon Law Firm sued Hardin Hyundai Inc. – an Anaheim California car dealership, alleging that the dealer fraudulently and unfairly attempted to trick a consumer into paying for a vehicle she had no legal obligation to pay for. The lawsuit has been...
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Desolated San Bruno Neighborhood

Three Years Later, San Bruno Residents Are Still Recovering From The Explosion

The Fire On a Thursday evening, Mayor Jim Ruane cuts a ribbon on the new music store that opened in downtown San Bruno. Shortly after 6 o’clock he leaves the store, looks up the hills and terrain of the city, and sees an immense ball of fire. He gets into his car and drives down...
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Sick Employee

The Inequalities Behind Access to Paid Leave

Though it might seem like common sense to provide every employee with paid time off for emergency situations, paid leave is not as common as one might think. According to new research, paid leave is even less likely for low-wage, Hispanic and part-time workers. Due to these...
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Electrical Towers

Should Utility Companies Disclose Their Earnings?

Sponsored by Senator Dan Brown (R-MO), the Utility Transparency and Fairness Act aims to force Missouri’s investor-owned utility companies to disclose their earnings to the public. “State utility commissions set the allowable profit that these utility companies are allowed...
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What Bank of America Customers Need to Know About the CFPB Penalty

Earlier this month, the Consumers Financial Protection Bureau charged Bank Of America and FIA Card Services for billing cardholders for services they did not receive or using improper methods to sell products to consumers. Services included identity theft protection and credit...
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Reviewing Employment Want Ads

Women’s Unemployment Increases In Spite of Job Gains

Over the years, there have been many successes for women in the workplace, particularly for younger women. Data shows that younger women are starting their careers better educated than males, are earning more money than their mothers and grandmothers did, and have entered the...
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Study Finds That Obamacare Could Lower Costs of Liability Coverage

In a recent study by the Rand Corporation titled – How Will The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act Affect Liability Insurance Costs? – the authors found that the ACA will possibly affect major forms of liability insurance costs in both the short and long...
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