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accident-damaged used car, repossession,
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Why Choose Vachon?

The Vachon Law Firm typically represents consumers in California lemon law, illegal repossession, and car dealer fraud lawsuits for no money down. We take cases on contingency-fee retainer agreements, which means that if we don’t win your case then you don’t have to pay us. Moreover, we can show you how to sue the defendants under California’s “fee-shifting” consumer protection statutes, which require that the defendants (and not you) pay our fees and costs when we win.

The Vachon Law Firm has successfully litigated hundreds of lawsuits on behalf of thousands of consumers under state and federal consumer protection statutes. We’re experienced, dedicated, aggressive, and thorough. We keep you informed during all phases of your case, and we answer your questions directly and in plain English. When you call us, we will give you a frank, honest assessment of your legal rights. If you have a case, we will tell you. If you don’t, we will tell you that too.

Give us a call today at 1-855-4-LEMON-LAW (1-855-453-6665) to find out if we are the right law firm for you. We also respond to email inquiries.

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Recent Cases

Kearny Mesa Infiniti Sued For Allegedly Falsifying Down Payment Amounts In Lease Contracts

On June 18, 2015, the Vachon Law Firm filed a lawsuit against Kearny Mesa Infiniti, the popular San Diego County seller of new and used Infiniti brand automobiles. The lawsuit alleges that Kearny Mesa Infiniti has an illegal practice of failing...
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Toyota Financial Services and Lexus Financial Services Sued in Class Action Lawsuit Alleging Systematic Inflation of Lease Deficiency Balances

On June 8, 2015, the Vachon Law Firm filed a class action lawsuit in the Los Angeles County Superior Court against Toyota Motor Credit Corporation, which does business under the fictitious business names “Toyota Financial Services”...
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Lemon Law Claim Filed Against Audi of America, Inc.

On May 12, 2015, the Vachon Law Firm filed a complaint in the Los Angeles County Superior Court against Volkswagen Group of America, Inc., doing business under the fictitious business name Audi of America, Inc. The lawsuit alleges breaches of...
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Public Motors Sued Again For Allegedly Selling Automobiles For More Than Their Advertised Prices

On May 7, 2015, the Vachon Law Firm filed a lawsuit in the Orange County Superior Court against Juno Equipment Rentals, Inc., a California corporation that does business as a used car dealership in Santa Ana, California under a fictitious name...
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Elk Grove Dodge Chrysler Jeep Sued in Lawsuit Alleging Falsification of Down Payment Amounts

On April 14, 2015, the Vachon Law Firm filed a lawsuit in the Sacramento County Superior Court against Elk Grove Dodge Chrysler Jeep, the popular Sacramento County Chrysler dealer. The lawsuit is titled Mojica, et al. v. Elk Grove Auto Group,...
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Public Motors Named in Lawsuit Alleging Failure to Honor Advertised Vehicle Prices

On April 3, 2015, the Vachon Law Firm filed a complaint in the California Superior Court for the County of Orange initiating a lawsuit against Public Motors, a Santa Ana, California used car dealership. The lawsuit is titled Houston v. Juno...
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Rancho Ford Lawsuit Resolved

On December 22, 2014, the Vachon Law Firm filed a lawsuit against Rancho Ford, the popular Temecula, California Ford dealership. The lawsuit was titled Graham v. Rancho Ford, Inc., et al. (Riverside County Superior Court Case no. RIC1412556)....
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Orange Coast Chrysler Jeep Dodge Costa Mesa Sued in Accident-Damaged Certified Used Car Lawsuit

On February 23, 2015, the Vachon Law Firm filed a lawsuit against the popular Costa Mesa, California new and used car dealership Orange Coast Chrysler Jeep Dodge Costa Mesa. The lawsuit is titled Walthers et al. v. Orange Coast Auto Group, LLC,...
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IMPORTANT NOTICE Re: Leased Automobile Repossessions

Under California law, after an automobile that was leased in this State is repossessed the finance company who repossessed it must mail the consumer a “Notice of Disposition.” A Notice of Disposition is a document that is supposed to...
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Power Nissan Of South Bay Sued For Allegedly Selling Used Car That Was Previously A Rental, Without Consumer’s Knowledge

The Vachon Law Firm has filed a lawsuit against Power Nissan of South Bay, a Hawthorne, California car dealership, alleging that the dealership sold a used automobile to a consumer without disclosing fact that it was previously a rental, as well...
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Do You Know Someone Whose Leased Automobile Was Repossessed by Mercedes-Benz Financial Services?

If so, you should tell them to immediately call the Vachon Law Firm at 1-855-4-LEMON-LAW (1-855-453-6665) to protect their legal rights. Vachon Law Firm’s Lawsuit Against Mercedes-Benz Financial Services The Vachon Law Firm is currently...
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Maadarani Motors Sued in Lemon Law Lawsuit

The Vachon Law Firm recently commenced a lawsuit against Maadarani Motors, of Lancaster, California, in a lawsuit alleging that the defendant car dealership breached California’s lemon law statute and the Consumers Legal Remedies Act. The case...
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